Some things are very difficult to depict in handpainted silk, such as the texture of bark, the roundness of stones and the fluff on cattails. Wool fiber is the perfect material for these images. You can also felt it into a hat or scarf. To order, email 


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Autumn Woods 8-1

Winter Sunset 8-2

Hats  8-3
Pelham Gneiss-- wool hand-felted onto wood
Pelham Gneiss 8-4

Green and Gold Felt Hat
Spring in Maine 8-5

Olive and Purple Felt Scarf
Olive and Purple Scarf 8-6
Teal and Green Felt Scarf
Teal and Green Scarf 8-7
Blue and Red Felt Scarf
Blue and Red Scarf 8-8

  Green and Gold Felt Hat
Tapeats Sandstone 8-9
  Green and Gold Felt Hat
Oolitic limestone 8-10