One of my great pleasures is walking down the street in New York, Boston or Amherst and spotting someone with one of my silk scarves wrapped around her neck. I have made thousands of scarves that have been brightening outfits around the world. To order, email All scarves are 100% silk with handrolled hems. 
They can be washed by hand or dry cleaned.

 Click on the image for a larger view and details.

Blue Gingko Leaves Silk Scarf
Blue Gingko Leaves 7-1
Red Gingko Silk Scarf
Red Gingko Leaves 7-2
Holyoke Range Sunrise Silk Scarf
Holyoke Range 7-3
Lavender Oak Leaf Scarf
Oak Leaves 7-4

Green Leaves Silk Scarf
Green Leaves 7-5
Green with Pink Butterflies Silk Scarf
Butterflies 7-6
Peach Dragonflies Silk Scarf
Dragonflies 7-7
Holyoke Range Sillk Shawl
Holyoke Range Shawl 7-8