Sometimes after a morning walk, a glimpse of a flying heron or a Brancusi-like skunk cabbage sticks with me all day. Or maybe itís an iris in my garden that it too showy to ignore.  Wall hangings are a way to preserve these fleeting impressions.

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Great Blue Heron Silk Hanging
Great Blue Heron 5-1
Bearded Iris Silk Wall Hanging
Bearded Iris 5-2
Japanese Iris Silk Wall Hanging
Japanese Iris 5-3
Salmon Silk Wall Hanging
Salmon 5-4

Flying Great Blue Heron Silk Hanging
Flying Great Blue Heron 5-5
Three Landscapes Silk Wall Hanging
Three Landscapes 5-6
Connecticut River Valley Wall Hanging
Connecticut River 5-7
Spring in Lawrence Swamp Silk Wall Hanging
Spring in Lawrence Swamp 5-8