The quilts in galleries 1 and 2 were inspired by particular places important to me or to my clients.  Typically, I begin with an aerial map of the area in the center and then surround the map with images of plants, animals, objects, or scenes typical of the place.

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Woods Hole Silk Quilt
Woods Hole 1-1
Southwestern Parks  Silk Quilt
Southwestern Parklands  1-2
Dillon Beach, California  Silk Quilt
Dillon Beach, CA 1-3
Back Side of Dillon Beach Quilt
Back of Dillon Beach Quilt 1-4

Chesapeake Bay Silk Quilt
Chesapeake Bay 1-5
Bayou Country Silk Quilt
Bayou Country 1-6
Thoughts of home-Massachusetts Silk Quilt
Massachusetts 1-7

San Francisco 1-8